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From Yara to Nirva - The metamorphosis continues!


Team Nirva

Updated on September 15, 2023

It was the summer of 2021 when Yara was born. Since then, our commitment to our customers has known no bounds. Our personalised health plans based on Ayurveda and Yoga found their way into many lives. Transforming the lives of thousands of women has brought us joy. We have had a tremendous journey of learning. 

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Over the last year, we have received immense love from our customers. We are truly overwhelmed and grateful.

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Such messages continue to make our day. To be honest, they are the reason we wake up every morning hoping to make a difference.

We’ve seen our customers deal with chronic health conditions. Yara’s mission has always been to ease their concerns and discomfort and provide them with the right personalised solution and encouragement to follow a new path. A new approach to natural healing, thus leading to their transformation.

As we spent more time with our customers, we realised there was much more we could offer them. We wished to create a framework that facilitated holistic healing and focused on all aspects - physical, emotional, spiritual and social. Social wellness has often been overshadowed, but it significantly contributes to overall well-being and happiness. It can help lessen feelings of isolation, foster positive relationships and, at the same time, encourage better self-care. So, the need to focus on the social aspect of healing stood tall amidst all others. 

We did not want to just heal our customers. We wanted them to adopt a new lifestyle and gain positive experiences through being a part of a community where they could feel connected. Their transformation had to be a stable and sustainable one that would last a lifetime.

So the time has come for us to transform too! Transform for the better. Transform to add value to our customers’ lives. 

To better communicate our expertise, we are taking this opportunity to revamp and evolve our brand to represent and align with our core values. We are delighted to reveal our new brand and logo. It signifies a new phase in our journey to enable our customers to lead better lives. 

Yara is now Nirva!

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As we march towards an exciting future, this is a momentous milestone for us. 

So what’s different? We’re sure you are curious to know.

At Nirva, we are on a mission to bring about a healthy balance in the lives of our customers by connecting them back to nature through Yoga & Ayurveda. Our team comprises holistic health experts and engineers from reputed institutions working towards a common goal of bringing about a sustainable transformation in our customers’ lives through a highly personalised approach. 

Our mission is far more relevant in the 21st century, as, with every passing day, we are getting connected better by technology but disconnected from nature. Our direct access to the wisdom of over 5000 years of collective human experience in Ayurveda and Yoga should not be limited by geographical boundaries or language barriers. 

And not just that, we believe it's necessary to go beyond personal healing strategies and include the role of the community in the healing process. Social wellness can have a  significant impact on physical and mental health. A lack of social life and healthy relationships can lead to various health issues.  

Many acknowledge that being a part of a community—a group that shares beliefs, values, and principles—is one of the most critical processes for moving through healing and creating healthy outcomes. Nirva, through its various features, will help you build a sense of connection with like-minded women. We hope you will look forward to your safe and happy place with Nirva as you cultivate stronger bonds that will improve your mood, self-confidence and quality of life. 

Apart from personalised coaching and community connections, Nirva will also offer rich knowledge and the know-how behind the different methodologies of Ayurveda and Yoga. You will go on a journey of rediscovery, social well-being and natural healing. New beliefs, thoughts, and habits will become a part of you. You will find the balance you have always been looking for. 

nirva logo.png

Our new name, logo and visual identity are inspired by our core principles and spirit of enabling our customers to lead healthy and balanced lives by connecting with nature.

The name ‘Nirva’ is derived from the term Nirvana which means a place of perfect peace and happiness. It is simple and universal. It reflects the status of serenity and self-awareness we wish you to accomplish through our journeys. 

The core of our brand is nature. Our approach to healing our customers is 100% natural, and our new visual identity represents this with the generous use of the colour green. The dash of yellow represents energy, warmth and positivity. The visual elements are placed in a stable triangle form that exhibits the balance we wish to bring to our customer's lives. The circle symbolises the circle of life, and it is placed right on top as we give utmost importance to it. The two lines represent the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, the foundation we are laying down for a balanced life for our customers. Our new logo aims to integrate and express one of our core values - customer centricity. 

Our new brand identity reflects everything we wish to stand for - people, nature, balance and support.

Nirva, in other words, is our renewed promise to our customers to help them embrace natural healing for life! 

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