Terms and Conditions

Ayurveda Consultation Acknowledgment and Agreement

In scheduling a health and wellness consultation, you acknowledge and understand the terms and conditions mentioned below: This consultation will be based on the principles of Ayurveda, a complementary alternative approach to health, and that this consultation and any information I may gain from it are different from and NOT a substitute for modern medical evaluation and treatment or for preventive testing (such as blood tests, Scans, Pap smears, colon screening, mammograms, and any other appropriate screening tests) I understand that Ayurveda uses a unique system of evaluation and health-promotion based on the concepts of balance, three doshas, and overall health. I understand that the purpose of the consultation will be to assess the level of balance in physiology and to make recommendations based on the Ayurvedic health approach to help enliven the inner intelligence of the body and restore balance to the system. I understand that this consultation and the recommendations I will receive are not to diagnose or treat any disease that I may have. I further understand that it is not within the scope of this consultation, or follow-up consultations I may receive, for Nirva or its staff to assume responsibility for my primary health care or the treatment of specific health problems. I understand that what I will receive will be advice as to a holistic diet, lifestyle choices, food supplements, and other natural approaches to creating balance. I understand that the health consultation I will receive is for assessing overall balance and NOT for diagnosing the presence or absence of any particular disease.

I agree to consult with my regular family physician regarding all matters of my primary health care, including any prescription medication or modern medical treatment I may be taking.

I recognize that no claims or guarantees have been made to me regarding specific medical benefits or improvements in my medical condition(s).

These remote consultations are done by Video Call through Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp and are offered to our new clients as well as existing ones. Video/TeleConsultations, except if priorly informed as free, MUST BE PAID before the appointment. You will receive the payment link by email. Not all conditions are suitable for remote consultations, and the suitability for remote consultations will be at the discretion of the Practitioner. If a particular condition is unsuitable for Video/Tele-consultation, our practitioner can advise accordingly, and a full refund will be offered in such cases.